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Linda Phosaly

Dr. Linda Phosaly is a licensed psychologist after earning her Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Utah and completing her internship at Munroe Meyer Institute. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health where she continued as a supervising psychologist for the last four years. Dr. Phosaly began her career nearly 15 years ago as a behavior therapist, then as a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and finally as a school psychologist working with children and families in home, school, and outpatient clinical settings. 


Dr. Phosaly has extensive experience conducting comprehensive psychological and psycho educational evaluations to determine diagnostic clarity and to guide treatment planning. Her background and interests include providing evidence-based care to address parent behavior management, noncompliance, tantrums, anxiety, low mood, social skills, learning, executive function, sleep, and feeding concerns. She sees young toddlers to adolescents and works heavily with neurodivergent individuals with autism and ADHD. Dr. Phosaly provides compassionate and collaborative care for the whole child and family unit, working alongside siblings, caregivers, pediatricians, psychiatrists, and schools. 

Dr. Phosaly is accepting new therapy and assessment referrals for Children (birth-12),

Adolescents (13-19), and Young Adults (19-25)

Dr. Phosaly is at the North Location-1815 N. 169th Plaza Suite A, Omaha NE 68130

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