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Rene Pretorius-Parks 

Rene Pretorius-Parks completed her Master of Science (MS) degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2004, with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. She completed her internship at the University of Nebraska-Medical Center, while obtaining a Post-Graduate Certificate in Medical Family Therapy. Rene initially worked in community mental health in Lincoln, NE before moving to Omaha in 2008. For the last 15 years, Rene has worked as a staff therapist in the Behavioral Health Clinic at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. During her time there she provided outpatient services that included individual and family therapy, crisis, and risk assessments, as well as behavioral medicine consultations. Outside of this role, Rene also provided mental health services to the foster care and sports medicine clinics; served as the behavioral health representative on the Children’s Advocacy Team; and provided presentations of various mental health topics to professionals within the hospital as well as the community. Rene serves on the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee within the Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) and developed mental health/psycho-educational materials and resources for the NSAA.   

Rene’s clinical areas of interest include pediatric behavior problems, ADHD, trauma, child abuse/neglect, individual/family adjustments that includes divorce, acute or chronic illness, mood/anxiety disorders, parent-child conflict, family therapy, and sports performance training. 

Rene provides treatment out of a family system’s framework. She believes that a child’s individual problems are best understood and examined within a larger system that most often includes the parent-child relationship and/or the family system. A change in one family members behavioral or emotional state can affect the entire system. Rene also uses a cognitive-behavioral therapy approach to assist individuals in becoming more aware of the parts they play within their larger system. It is through these lenses, in collaboration with parents/caregivers, that appropriate treatment interventions are developed.

Rene believes that the development of a good therapeutic relationship with her clients is a critical part in the process of goal achievement. For these reasons, Rene values input from all parts of the system; wants all to feel heard, validated, and respected; but most importantly, wants your child to feel that therapy is a safe place for them to share their feelings and be comfortable being themselves.  

Rene is accepting referrals for Children (3 - 12), Family therapy for Children, Adolescents (13-19), and Adults (19+).

Rene is at the North Location-1815 N. 169th Plaza Suite A, Omaha NE 68118

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